Monday, September 8, 2014

A crack in the road...

Im just sort of letting you all know whats going on. My 94 year old grama had a stroke in August. So Ive been so super busy between work, being at the hospital, getting her into rehab, trying to help her with her well as more work and this freaking catalog I have to get done this week. She gets out on the 18th but is a fall risk, so now i have to work on selling her home and finding a place for her and getting her veterans assistance too. My hope is that eventually she will be able to go into a independent living, and this will give her time to recover and work with other therapy. So right now its trying to just find paperwork for everything.

I was at the gas station on Sunday heading into work, and there was this kitten by the pump laying on the ground. I tried to just get him to shoo off and he wouldnt go. All i could think was that he was going to get hit by a car because someone could pull in and not see him. I picked him up, sat in the car for 5-10 mins. He didnt mind it at all or the car ride. I kept telling myself "I took someones cat!" XD

Im taking him to the vet tomorrow, to see if he has a chip so I could reunite him with his owner, if not Im going to see if they will work in finding him a home, or I told him I would foster him until I found a home. For now his name is Latte.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A long update..

I wanted to give a couple updates, and sort of talk about things I dont really talk much about on here. First off I will be adding things to my esty shop this week. I just need to finish taking pictures, but I have been a busy bee! I will have the bathing suit sets, as well as skirts. I also have a couple for SD sizes as well.
Second I have also been painting now that I have these done. I finished up Tabby's DD girl Kaede. I am finishing up a unoss, and a zero, and a few more unoas. I also did a Obitsu Gretel head to add to ebay, just to try and get some funds, and get things out of the house.
Speaking of cleaning out. I have been purging a lot. Just letting go of things Im never going to use or dont have a use for. I have a few more things to add. I just kinda want this stuff to clear out before I add anymore. I just dont want to confuse myself too much.
There are other things to update, but for now this is a good start. I have been neglecting this blog and I hope to get back into the swing of things. I know I dont have many followers, but I just wanted to say to those that I do have I appreciate it. I am dealing with depression, and I am seeing a councilor and have been trying medication. One made me a manic episode while I was at work. It was pretty terrible for me. I kept bothering everyone, wanted to cry, couldnt stay in my cube, ended up eatting my food like a five year old. Got home and was freaking out at how cute my cats are. >_> It was more hyper then I had ever wanted to feel. So they changed my meds again to something else. I ended up having side effects of a fever, flu like symtoms, my joints ached so badly, and all I wanted to do was sleep. Thats just been the problem really is they just make me want to sleep. This other medication seemed to help motivate me....but gave me insomnia. So I guess its back to the drawing board. I just thought I would kinda give a idea as to what Im dealing with. I dont overly like to talk about it on here. I like to try and just focus on my dolls, knitting, drawing and my baby kitties.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Back in the Swing of it...

Well I guess taking a break was longer then I planned. I havent been having the brusing issue anymore with my thumb, but then Tabby moved and with work and that I just started to realize I hadnt made anything for June. I was going to make just 5 little bathing sets, but then it turned into ten XD.

So thats the new pattern that Ill have listed at the end of this month, a couple will fit the slimmer dolls like Azone and Unoa, the other size fits all of the FR's & barbie.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Update: Whats been going on...

 Lots of stuff has been going on, which has thrown my schedule all off this month. I had been working on making myself a blanket, since I never have. I call it Dragon Scales because of how the squares are going to lay together. So Im working on that. Its also getting to be warmer, so I might at least get as many squares done but put it away so I can have it for later in the year.
My poor kitty Jack has always kinda had bladder problems. I had to take him in again and talked with the vet who told me they wanted me to feed him wet Royal Canin. I took a case home and for three days tried to get him to eat it. I put him alone in the bathroom, put water in it like i do but he wouldnt touch it. I tried to put cat nip in it as well but when I went back in there he had gotten in the sink where the nip was and it was all over the bathroom. Salem ran in and instantly started eating the food. So they let me bring it back and told me there was large bag of dry food they could sell me for $60. I really was upset about this because I wanted to change their food (this is a prescription kind) especially since I have 3 boys. My work has stopped selling Royal Canin, but I ended up being able to buy about six months worth of food for my kitties.
In my Dollfie Dream news, I totally ended up missing out on the lottery for Ranko which always seems to be my luck. I really had been watching everything but still ended up missing it. I know too there was no guarantee I was going to win her, but it was more the thought of not having a chance. I was upset because I figured I was going to have to spend alot of money to get her. I checked a few sites, and ended up finding a nude girl on Rinkya. It was a perfect price, I didnt want the white outfit and I can just find her grey wig and black outfit later. So Im just waiting for her to arrive at the warehouse to be sent to me! :3

I did get Niima's Head & Default eyes. I really love her face/shape so much. I think this girl will be my Mori style girl. Right now she and Saber are sharing a body until I get her one of her own.
Here are also some of the other girls that arrived this month. Touch of Frost Eugenia and the new Ruruko.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Weekly update: not much going on..

This week has been a little slow. I did a lot of purging things that I just never use or have just decided that I dont want anymore, so I was cleaning out my house basically. So thats all set and taken care of.

Now that its going back into May, Ill be going back into my knitting again. So look forward to this months pattern that I come up with.
They have the two new Dollfie dreams for the next dolpa I believe? I dont know its another volks event. They released Rin and Ranko. I had preordered Rankos figma because I just loved her design so much, and now to see it in a big doll makes me really happy. So once they have a lottery Ill be entering for her. She does remind me a lot of Melty, so it will help that I missed out on that girl. They both come with their stage outfit. Their regular dress outfits will be seperate.
Rin Shibuya
Ranko Kanzaki

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Update: Whats going on this week...

I had gone to redicare to see what was going on about my thumb. They think I have a slow bleed and put me in this immobilizer for my hand..which was a good thing I ended up taking a break this month since I couldnt do anything for a couple days. They said if its still bothering me to go back to my reg doctor, which I already have an appointment at the end of the month, so Ill bring it up then.

Ebay Auction:
This has about a day to go, but I painted a DD07 Semi White Skin to be a kinda inspired Rainbow Dash. I even put a little cutie mark on her butt.