Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mondays Update: Taking a break..

Oh Michigan, how I love your strange freakish weather....we had some nice warm days and then all of a sudden lets have snow again! ~grumble~

With a lot of stuff going on this month like Easter and just other things I have coming up this month, Im going to just be taking a break from knitting this month. I somehow also hurt my thumb. It swelled up and was painful, and then it turned black and blue so I thought I busted a blood vessel or something. Its still bothering me a little, so if anything Ill go see someone about it, but thats sort of why Im also taking a break and figuring out what this problem is before I pick up with another pattern.

May I think will be a skirt pattern. Ive been wanting to make one for a while. So look forward to seeing what I will come up with.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

March's Collection - Cable Wrap

I had wanted to get these up a little sooner, but here we go. I have listed these on my etsy shop. I have 2 for Dollfie Dreams, I just need to take some pictures outside with them. I really liked how these came out. Theres 4 of them that are made to fit the slimmer dolls. I was going to sew the back up, but I decided that I liked them how they were. You just slide it on, twist and slip over the head.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Weekly Craft Update: Knitty & Purrrl

Ive been busy with preparing for the upcoming open house this next Monday. So I have been a busy bee at making as many wraps as I can before the months over. Im making about 3/4 that are going to fit the slimmer dolls; Azone/Unoa Light/Obitsu. 7 or so for the regular FRish size, and Im going to try and work in at least 2 for the Dollfie Dreams. So Im hoping to have maybe 15 total done. I also feel like Im really limited in colors because i have to use a thinner yarn, but then I raided my gramas horde....came home with 3 bags XD

So look forward to seeing new stuff at my shop the end of this month/beginning of April.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekly Update: Knitting projects

Here is whats going to be coming for March's pattern, its a cute little cable wrap. I am trying to get as many as I can done this month, since I feel short because I couldnt decide what I wanted to make. But I finally stuck with a design I like.
Sockings might be Aprils design.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Knitty & Purrl: February Works

So after making a better plan about how i was going to be doing things, ended up going out the window as its that time of year again...and I got slammed with work. We have a open house in two weeks, went through a buyout, so I wasnt even sure if I was going to have a job. We now work for Phillips, and are going to be one of the hubs basically because they like what we do and how we run. So well see what happens as the year goes. I did make it clear to my boss that if I work overtime I was bringing in my Mina. Shes such a good girl and keeps me company when I needed it most. :3
So with all that out of the way (now its the little stuff of making copies/packets/mailing stuff and the usual routine I have as well) I will say that I was a good kitty and even though it was delayed, I got done a good amount of sweaters for this month.
You can check these out here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/KnittyandPurrrl
February's Pattern: Raglan Turtleneck Sweaters

A big thank you as well to Heather for taking all these pictures for me as well as promoting them on both her blogs. I really appreciate it. They are The Traveling Twig and The Majokko Shop. Heres a couple pictures of what I listed and we tried these all one the different body types. Tabby actually loved the pink one so much that she stole it for her Cora (Obitsu) and I had to make another :3 but I dont mind.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Alternatives to MSC: Liquitex

Liquitex Professional Waterbased Satin Spray Varnish

I was trying to find basically a replacement spay to Mr. Super Clear as I just want to get away from the toxicity of the spray itself. I know theres ways to deal with sealers and airbrushes, but with currently not having a airbrush/skills to use one, I just want to get another kind of spray. Orinally I wanted the Vallejo one, but I am really unable to find it anywhere, so I went with the Liquitex.
For this I was trying on a unoa faceplate. I noticed that the coverage wasnt smooth and it was sort of beady looking. Doesnt dry as quickly as the MSC. Even though its waterbased I could not get it off my hand/rings and they felt sticky. I ended up using paint thinner, but this still did not take the spray off.  I tried to just let it dry and see what happened. The painting part wasnt so terrible, but when it came to the pastels it wouldnt let me build up/blend my pastels. Pretty much I dont like the feel of it at all, its drying time, its strange smell XD 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Knitty & Purrrl: Monday's Update...

Ive been sitting down with Heather and Tabby and sort of looking at how I want to refocus in a way what this blog has become. Just moreso things like changing my etsy store name, working up some new artwork for it..things like that. So mondays will become my craft update posts.

1) Changing estys name from Diamond Lixalicious to "Knitty&Purrrl". The reason was DL was basically the name of my store when I made jewelry which right now has not been my focus at all. Its a lot easier for me to just knit up something on the fly, play with patterns, then it is making jewelry.

2) I have to decide a day that will become my photostory day, but those will come soon, maybe a Wednesday/Thursday.

3) Take more pictures. I am working on taking one picture a day on instragram, and then setting the weekend to take pictures with my actual camera and models and such. I finally bought myself a tripod, so I just need to get the lighting set up better, but well see how it goes :3

4) and finally for now, Im going to change how I sell things on my etsy. During the month Ill make a certain number of one pattern (but different colors/yarns). Then at the end of the month Ill end up listing the finished pieces on my etsy, instead of offering custom orders. Ill still be opened to custom ones, its just not going to be the focus in my store. So dont be afraid to send me a message if you see something you like and make a request.

So now for the Monday update!
Februarys project: Raglan sleeve turtle neck sweaters 1/10
Personal project: Dollfie Dream high waist skirt